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Mina Soffer, L.M.H.C. is another unique part of the Soffer Heart Institute. Mina has trained in psychotherapy in the mid 80’s and even then realized the importance of the heart/mind connection. Now the medical community has caught up to her vision of using stress reduction techniques to augment traditional cardiovascular treatment. More and more studies are showing that stress is a huge factor in getting and ultimately worsening heart disease. Therefore she has a unique skill as a psychotherapist to specialize in reducing one of the biggest risk factors in heart disease and its progression in our society. This association with many cardiologist through the years has led her to be able to treat cardiac patients and prevent many from becoming them. This makes the Soffer Heart Institute one of the only practices in the country to have a true “cardiac psychology” treatment philosophy.

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About Mina Soffer, M.S. LMHC

Find out how MINA can help you understand, control and even eliminate your symptoms. She will show you how to get back to a normal life. Mina and her cardiologist son Dr. Ariel Soffer have collaborated on the book that has helped thousands. Now is the time for you to take control over the symptoms that are affecting your health, relationships and and lifestyle. see how she can help you!

Mina Soffer is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. She and her son, Dr. Ariel Soffer a well known cardiologist developed a two component program for the MVP and MVPS patients at the Soffer Heart Institute in Florida. The first component was the medical one with Dr. Soffer which included diagnosing the problems and medical treatment when necessary. The second component was educating the patient on their condition and attending to the patient’s symptoms and anxiety. This innovative approach was received by the patients with enormous gratitude and sometimes teary relief. Finally their condition was being recognized and treated! The patients were reassured that indeed, they were not going crazy. This quick and dramatic program was so successful that Dr. Soffer and Mina decided to share it with all MVPS people by writing the comprehensive book “Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome- Patient Information Guide.”

Mina has been practicing as a mental health counselor since 1989. She has much experience in counseling couples facing marriage difficulties, and working with families and children to improve their relationship and parenting skills. Since 1995 her focus has been on improving the lifestyle and health of cardiac patients.

Research shows that heart disease is in most cases is self inflicted and that we can prevent this epidemic illness by changing what we eat, refrain from smoking, exercise and manage our daily stress. To deal with these lifestyle problems she developed very effective programs for smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress management.

Mina’s theory for her counseling is that “we need to focus on solutions rather than on problems. Today, in our society we face difficult social and health issues and economic hardships. We do not have the time or the money to spend on probing the past. Instead we need to identify clear goals for ourselves in the future, and identify our strengths that will help us achieve these goals.” Mina can assist you in developing a road map with short cuts for a healthier and happier life.

Much of Mina’s expertise comes from her life experience. She and her husband have been married for almost fifty years. They have raised three children and have 7 grandchildren. She is also the executive director of The National Institute for Cardiac Education (NICE) a nonprofit organization that donates automatic defibrillators( AED’s) and places them in public areas to be used immediately to deliver a shock to the heart and revive the people that are victims of a sudden cardiac arrest.


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