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Mina Soffer, L.M.H.C. is another unique part of the Soffer Heart Institute. Mina has trained in psychotherapy in the mid 80’s and even then realized the importance of the heart/mind connection. Now the medical community has caught up to her vision of using stress reduction techniques to augment traditional cardiovascular treatment. More and more studies are showing that stress is a huge factor in getting and ultimately worsening heart disease. Therefore she has a unique skill as a psychotherapist to specialize in reducing one of the biggest risk factors in heart disease and its progression in our society. This association with many cardiologist through the years has led her to be able to treat cardiac patients and prevent many from becoming them. This makes the Soffer Heart Institute one of the only practices in the country to have a true “cardiac psychology” treatment philosophy.

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Chances are that you have experienced the sensation that your heart was about to jump out of your chest. And that out of the blue for no apparent reasons, feelings of intense apprehension and fear took hold of you. You couldn’t catch your breath and were afraid that you are about to faint. These fears and more are shared by most of the people that have MVPS. My program was designed to help you gain control over these feelings and fears. You can have a normal life again.


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I am offering you a truly one of a kind opportunity to get the help, that until now was only available at the MVP Center In Florida. My services are unique and based on many years of experience and success with patients of similar condition. It’s time to get your life back on track.

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