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Mina Soffer, LMHC

Mina Soffer, L.M.H.C. is another unique part of the Soffer Heart Institute. Mina has trained in psychotherapy in the mid 80’s and even then realized the importance of the heart/mind connection. Now the medical community has caught up to her vision of using stress reduction techniques to augment traditional cardiovascular treatment. More and more studies are showing that stress is a huge factor in getting and ultimately worsening heart disease. Therefore she has a unique skill as a psychotherapist to specialize in reducing one of the biggest risk factors in heart disease and its progression in our society. This association with many cardiologist through the years has led her to be able to treat cardiac patients and prevent many from becoming them. This makes the Soffer Heart Institute one of the only practices in the country to have a true “cardiac psychology” treatment philosophy.

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Telephone Coaching

It's natural for you to have questions about your phone session, especially if you've never done this before.

Our session will be 45-50 minutes long.
2. What will happen during our coaching session?
Somewhere early in our conversation, you will want to give me a brief description of the problems you've been experiencing. You won't want to discuss in details every episode you have had, it will take too much time. Instead, share with me only the highlights of events.

You should also be ready to talk about what you've tried so far to control your symptoms and which of your efforts were helpful.

I will educate you on your condition and will tell what you need to do to help you control and avoid the symptoms in the future.

I will provide you with the knowledge that will take the "mystery" and fear out of your condition. You will be offered encouragement and emotional support that should result in instant relief. You will also get detailed and clear recommendations that you'll need to get back on track to a normal life.
We may not be able to condense all the information and recommendations in one session. It will be to your benefit to schedule one or two additional sessions.
4. How do I schedule our phone appointment?
Once you complete your online purchase, call 305-945-1888 to schedule your appointment. I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments.
5. Your call is strictly confidential and very convenient.
Picking up a phone can be a whole lot more comfortable and private than walking into an office building for a face-to-face appointment. Plus, it's much more convenient too. You choose the time and date. You can be at the comfort of your home or at work, or you can call from your cell phone.

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